At Downs Junior School we have restored our original underground WW2 Air Raid Shelter into a wonderful resource for Schools.

Our Tours offer a completely immersive experience for the children using exhibits, constructed room scenes and interactive features. We explore key Themes such as – Evacuation, Blackout, The Blitz, D-Day, V-E Day.

As well as the underground tour we also have a workspace available where we lead a session, showing videos and WW2 artifacts. There is also a very special themed photo booth with dressing up provided. Each child will also receive a worksheet, sticker and a certificate of their visit. All profits from these tours will be ploughed back into the upkeep of this very important resource.

What other schools have said :

“There was so much fun stuff to look at, it was awesome” – Olivia

“We sat on the same benches that actual evacuees sat on” – Erin

“It was very interesting to think how it would have been for the children who had to go there” – Karola

Tours run on Thursday mornings between 9.30-11.30am at a cost of just £4 per child

For more information and to book your tour please contact: